Curiosity Builds Community ~ EdCamp 2019
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Friday, March 8



Courageous Conversations C210LIMITEDDana Curran Student-Led Conferences B101LIMITEDJane Del Gobbo • Jamie Love What is Challenge Success? H203LIMITEDKai Chun • Heather Galante • Jonathan Pierre Content Modification E104LIMITEDSarah Leshay • Tami Toomey Understanding Outside Resources A204FILLINGMichelle Della Valle • Robbie Glynn • Michelle Algeri • Tim Rodden • Katy Andrus Climate Change and You E107LIMITEDMichael Griffin Book discussion: "Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain" C202LIMITEDKevin Tracey Color Blind to Color Brave: So you say you don't see color! A201DFILLINGAkil Mondesir Please Understand - Perspectives from Black and Latino students at JGMS C212LIMITEDBonnie Klein Game On! Fun Review Games A210FULLNicole D'Entremont • Allison Luppi Just Do It! Increasing Creativity in Your Classroom Band RoomLIMITEDAlison Hannah Keynote Speaker Q&A A214LIMITEDShanna Peeples Project Based Learning Pathways: Reflections on a 6th Grade PBL Pilot at Westford Public Schools A213LIMITEDSandra Femino Universal Design for Learning: Engaging All Learners A202LIMITEDAllison Posey Stop the Bleed B104LIMITEDMakayla Marrs The Best Camera Is The One That's With You A108FULLSean Hagan • Prakhar Gupta What are you Reading? LibraryLIMITEDChristy Walker-Magoon • Linda Coviello • Lynda McGraw Being the Trusted Adult A205LIMITEDCharles Alperin Creating Positive Classroom Environments B207LIMITEDLibbey Beinert Hunnewell Mindfulness B103LIMITEDCharlene Abebe • Janel Halupowski Pro-social behaviors B108LIMITEDChristina O'Donnell • Erin Murphy Restorative Justice Circles Large Group Instruction (LGI)LIMITEDCassandra Hinz • Lael Piehl Spring-Term Empathy Boost B209LIMITEDCorinne Amirault • Gretchen Grant Student Stress in the Classroom B106LIMITEDKristen Milano Beginner Seesaw B204LIMITEDCarol Wait How to: NoodleTools A208LIMITEDJames Sunderland • Patrick Culhane • John Wysokowski Nearpod: Engaging Students with Interactive Lessons B205LIMITEDAlisa Feng • Wendy Blackmon Life of a Student Athlete A209LIMITEDElla Tatarczuk • Panayiotis Kapanides • Keith Mangan



How to Leverage Student Engagement through Student-Led Family Conferences A203LIMITEDElizabeth Footit • Jessica Engebretson Kid Talk: Engaging in Collegial Conversations to Support Students B208LIMITEDLaura Smith Outdoor Education Techniques and Practices: AMC to BBOC and Beyond! B104LIMITEDJamie Nolan-Hennessey Running Effective Meetings B203LIMITEDMichelle Della Valle • Tanya Kalantari Feifer A214LIMITEDRebecca Mangini • Kelly McNamara Early Literacy Strategies for Older Learners A205LIMITEDDeborah Murphy • Andrea Salipante Roots: English Etymology E207LIMITEDKimberly Alexander Code Switching: Adapting to Life being a student of Color A201DFILLINGAkil Mondesir Stories No One Told Me: Hidden History that Shapes Our Thinking C203LIMITEDJonathan Sills Student Panel Discussion on the Themes of 'Fiddler on the Roof' H202LIMITEDKatrina Faulstich Interactive Notebooks H207LIMITEDElizabeth Billouin • Rich Estes • Liana Heldman • Michelle Pietrangelo Personal Learning Plans - Student-Directed Goals A208LIMITEDMatthew Smith Talking Matters: Getting Kids to Converse through Debate and Seminars B209LIMITEDKelsey Little Quiz Bowl E107FILLINGMichael Griffin Walking to Wellness Gym lobbyFULLJackie Supprise 7 Ways to Feel Happier, Instantly! A209LIMITEDPam Garramone Class Dojo and Other Incentive Strategies B204FILLINGRachel Orlovsky Lighthouse and Supporting Students in the Classroom C201LIMITEDNicole Myles • Karen Ford Mindfulness in the Real World B105LIMITEDPatric Barbieri Reducing Problem Behaviors by Strengthen Students' Mindfulness B206LIMITEDLisa Morrison Trauma Sensitive Classroom C208FULLCharlene Abebe Utilizing Your Makerspace for Social and Emotional Learning A213LIMITEDAlex Caram • Sarah Perkins Digital Photo Editing A109LIMITEDSean Hagan Google Drawings for Data Visualization H205LIMITEDRichard Donnelly Interactive Tools: Pear Deck & Synth B205LIMITEDSam Malcolm • Wendy Tanahashi-Works Smart Notebook 17.1 - What's New and Improved? B101, B102, B107, B108LIMITEDDeb Ricci Military Culture, Lifestyle, and the Hanscom Student Perspective LobbyLIMITEDBrian DeChellis


Building a Cohesive Classroom Using Inclusive Practices A202LIMITEDVictor Joyner Kid Talk: Engaging in Collegial Conversations to Support Students B208LIMITEDLaura Smith Strategies in ACTION: Things to Try before you Refer to OT or Speech/Language A210LIMITEDElizabeth Larrabee • Nadia Trant The Communication Bill of Rights B105LIMITEDAmanda Scheriff Math Workshop: A 4th Grade Experiment B101LIMITEDJane Del Gobbo • Jamie Love Robotics E108LIMITEDJohn King It’s not about the speaker: The History of Hip-Hop and its Impact on Cultural Identity B207LIMITEDJill Butler The Importance of Teachers Leading Courageous Conversations, from a Student's Perspective H202LIMITEDKatrina Faulstich • Eran Zelixon Personal Learning Plans - Student-Directed Goals A208LIMITEDMatthew Smith Using Visualization to Boost Math Understanding B106FILLINGSarah Dorer Visual Thinking Strategies H203LIMITEDKate Sussman Brush Lettering A104FULLJenn Wayne-Bartlett Poetry Writing Workshop H201LIMITEDJane Harvey Test your Trivia Knowledge! Large Group Instruction (LGI)FULLTiffany Rego • Jessica Smith "On Being Wrong": Raising Fragile Children C202LIMITEDNuri Barlas 7 Ways to Feel Happier, Instantly! A209FULLPam Garramone Blood, Sweat, and Tiered Interventions B206LIMITEDLisa Morrison Brain Breaks A204LIMITEDAllison Hammer Reducing Problem Behaviors by Strengthen Students' Mindfulness C210LIMITEDZuzka Blasi • Leah Walton Utilizing Your Makerspace for Social and Emotional Learning A213LIMITEDAlex Caram • Sarah Perkins Fun Friday with the Fuzz: Safety in Bedford Public Schools B102LIMITEDJeff Wardwell • Kristin Dineen Google Classroom H205LIMITEDJames Nagle Organize Anything with Trello B205LIMITEDPatrick Morrissey